Weather in Krabi, Phi Phi & Koh Lanta - tourist season

Another beautiful sunset on Koh Lanta

Another beautiful sunset on Koh Lanta

The weather in Krabi is dominated by two tropical monsoons; one blows in from the northeast, the other from the southwest. Typically, this translates as two distinct seasons: hot and dry from November to April, and when the wind changes, cool and wet from May to October.

But the weather in Krabi is never that well-behaved! There can be rain during the ‘dry’ season, particularly at the start in November or December, as well gloriously sunny spells, sometimes for weeks at a time, during the ‘rainy’ season. The only thing that can be predicted with any degree of certainty is that it will be very, very hot in March and April (up to 37°C/99°F) and that the most rain will fall in September. Krabi weather month by month

This means that the ideal time to visit the region is in January or February, when the weather in Krabi is nearly perfect - not too hot and with a only a slim chance of a downpour. This is, naturally, the peak tourist season, so you may find hotels and beaches are full. Some people prefer to visit Krabi in the ‘rainy’ season, despite the risk of showers, as it is cooler, cheaper and less crowded. It is sometimes so quiet, you can have a whole island to yourself!

Booking a holiday between May and October remains a gamble; while the typical rainy season pattern is of sunny days punctuated by a short, heavy afternoon shower, you could just as easily end up with ten days of straight rain, or sun! It’s hard to give concrete advice on weather in the Krabi area at this time, so we’ll just remind you that Krabi is beautiful whatever the weather.

The temperature in Krabi averages around 28° to 32° Celsius (82° to 90°F) during the day. In March and April, this can climb to 37°C/99°F); while during heavy rain storms, the temperature may drop temporarily to as low as 18°C/64°F. At night the temperature usually falls around 5° to 10° C, so it is advisable to pack a light, non-woolly sweater for the evening, especially if you have been out in the sun all day. Humidity is fairly high throughout the year, from 75 to 100 per cent.

The sea temperature is a fairly constant and pleasant at 28°C/82°F all year round.

Krabi, Phi Phi and Koh Lanta monthly weather

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in January

January is one the best months in Krabi weather-wise, with cooler temperatures, clear skies and minimal risk of rain. It’s also popular, so expect crowds and higher prices.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in February

The weather in February in Krabi is still dry, sunny and reasonable. The coolest months have passed and the region sees a return to the hot tropical temperatures that can easily burn. It’s still a busy time for tourism.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in March

By March the weather in Krabi is getting hot! The cooler season is essentially over and midday temperatures are well over 30°C, but it remains sunny and dry, with a low chance of rain. Crowds of Europeans are still escaping winter and prices are premium on Phi Phi and elsewhere.

Krabi weather in April

April weather in Krabi is usually the hottest (35°C+); same as the rest of Thailand, which is why everyone cools off with the annual Songkran waterfight festival. It’s still considered high season.

Krabi weather in May

From May onwards the tourist season in Krabi and Phi Phi is in decline, but the weather improves as the rains arrive. This means sunny skies and afternoon storms to cool things off.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in June

It’s still hot in June in Krabi as the weather moves into the full rainy season, bringing with it 90 per cent humidity, which adds to the immense feeling of warmth. Sea breezes have a cooling effect, but you should take care in the sun.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in July

Cloud-cover in the rainy season cools the weather in Krabi and Phi Phi somewhat in July, but you also get plenty of sunshine in between the showers. It remains hot, but often cloudy and warm for days.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in August

August is considered the low season in Krabi. This is ideal if you are a budget backpacker, as prices are reasonable yet the weather in Krabi is still reliable. Days of tropical downpours in your shabby leaky beach hut might not be fun, but at least it’s still warm.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in September

September can sometimes be the wettest month in Thailand, and also Krabi - as the monsoon weather reaches its zenith. This doesn’t mean you don’t get sun, but expect cloudy skies, heavy humidity and only a handful of sunny days.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in October

By October the weather in Krabi improves, although it’s one of the quietest months. October is a good time for hotel bargains, peace and quiet. It might still rain occasionally, but remains warm, usually sunny and much less humid.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in November

November is one of the best months to visit Krabi weather-wise, since the monsoon rains are over, the skies are endlessly sunny, and it has cooled down considerably. The humidity has subsided and everyone is waiting for the European crowds to arrive. Beware, prices jump up after November 1st.

Krabi and Phi Phi weather in December

December is the most popular month for visiting Krabi as the temperature is perfect, the skies are blue, humidity is low and  there's little chance of rain. Of course, you need to book early and pay more.

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