Krabi travel articles

Ao Nang is a major Krabi highlight

Ao Nang is a major Krabi highlight

We frequently post a new travel article on Krabi and the Andaman region for additional reading. Find out more, on everything from rock climbing to lazing on beaches and day-tripping.

Krabi travel articles

Krabi honeymoons
With its paradise beaches, world-class spas and fabulous restaurants, it's no wonder loved-up newly weds flock to Krabi for their first holiday of married life. Checkout our guide to Krabi for honeymooners to ensure a lifelong romance with this beautiful part of the world...more

Koh Lanta Fishing Scam
The magical island of Koh Lanta is growing in popularity with tourists on the Andaman Coast but a group of young expats from Chiang Mai found themselves duped by a cunning fishing scam over the Chrismas holidays...more 

Visiting stunning Emerald Pool
Although Krabi's divine karst-fringed beaches are obviously the area's most popular draw, just 40kms away is the breathtaking natural phenomenon of Emerald Pool which offers clean spring water for swimming within a national park...more 

Kayaking in karst Krabi
Paddling through the stunning limestone landscape of karst Krabi on an organised tourist excursion is a great way to get to know the breathtaking Andaman Coast up close with cave paintings, sea gypsies and mangrove swamps...more 

Krabi's hidden beauty spots
The Andaman Coast is known as one of the most picturesque areas of the Kingdom, but as the tourist crowds make the popular beaches of Railay and Phi Phi more developed, we highlight a few hidden treasures to seek out...more 

Railay on a budget
The picturesque coves around Railay Beach attract thousands of holidaymakers who gasp in awe at the stunning limestone karsts and soft sand, but this makes the area an exclusive destination with only a few budget options for those in the know...more 

Beginner rock climbing techniques
The Krabi area has long been a rock climbing mecca thanks to the towering karst cliffs that surround its beaches, and so here we give a few helpful hints and tips for those that fancy scaling the limestone heights...more

Bar hopping in Ao Nang
Krabi's most popular beach resort area of Ao Nang has a burgeoning selection of nightlife venues for all tastes whether you want a simple bottle of beer on the beach, an Irish pub with live music or to meet some friendly ladies...more

Off road biking
The Andaman Coast is famous for it's pristine karst seascape, but there is plenty to explore inland with exhilarating mountain biking tours...more

One night on Koh Phi Phi
Famed for its beautiful stretches of coastline from the Hollywood blockbuster The Beach, Koh Phi Phi has developed into a party island with a throng of hip bars and clubs... more

Eating out
Guide to the best restaurants, cafés and bars, where visitors to the Krabi region can eat top class local and international cuisine…more

Awesome Ao Luk
There are still unspoilt places on the Andaman coast where tourists can sleep at a homestay and kayak through majestic karst landscapes…more

Krabi Kidutainment
How to keep little ones enjoying themselves by the stunning Andaman coast with a variety of great activities that can entertain the entire family…more

Paradise not lost
What local people and tourists are doing to protect the Andaman coast from overdevelopment…more

After hours Krabi
Guide to the nightlife of the Krabi region, including the best pubs and bars for dancing until the sun comes up…more

Beginners’ guide to Thailand’s political deadlock
Security and stability in Thailand has become tense following the assets seizure verdict against former prime minister Thaksin; here’s the back story on this explosive issue…more

Expat Krabi
Guide to living by Southeast Asia's most dramatic coastline, including costs and expert advice…more

Koh Lanta Festival
Enjoy one of the most unique cultural festivals on the Andaman coast in March…more

Cheap digs
Suggestions on budget or good value accommodation in the Krabi area for those wanting their money’s worth on travelling light pocketed…more

Krabi’s national parks
Krabi probably has the finest selection of land and coastal national parks in Thailand. Aside from the popular ones, here’s others worth seeking out…more

Tailored suits in Krabi
Fancy getting fitted up for a dapper three piece suit or dress while on holiday, all for under $200? Krabi has it’s fair share of 24-hour tailors…more

Krabi’s beauty beaches
No other province in Thailand boasts such an array of beautiful beaches; here’s a run down on some of Krabi’s best beaches and where to find them…more

Krabi Day trips
There’s more to Krabi than Ao Nang and the only way to find out is to daytrip to the wonderful national parks and islands…more

3 days in Krabi
Get the most out of your stay in Krabi with this suggested 3 day itinerary to see the best of the province’s beauty…more

Magic of Railay
Possibly Thailand’s most beautiful coastal spot, the Railay peninsula is the gem in Krabi’s tourist crown and with good reason…more

Krabi's top 10 activities
Don’t just lie on the beach when you come here; here are 10 top activities we recommend for getting the most out of Krabi…more

Krabi for kids
Ah, what to do with the little ones while on holiday in Krabi! Here are all sorts of family-fun suggestions to keeping them entertained…more

Krabi’s best hotels
Looking for sheer luxury? Here are our recommendations on the very best hotels Krabi has to offer…more

Lanta, beach by beach
Escape to the Andaman’s ‘other’ island, with this handy guide on which beach is best…more

Krabi’s forgotten treasures
You’ve seen all the pictures of Phi Phi and Railay, but there is so much more to Krabi; we’ve found some hidden gems…more

The best of Thailand
Here’s the shortlist of the Bangkok Post’s nine-month quest to find Thailand’s top nine tourist attractions…more

Phi Phi, paradise lost
Several years after the tsunami washed away the ugly over development, Phi Phi is rapidly being spoilt again... more

Krabi eco trips
Experience Krabi’s stunning scenery away from the spoils of mass tourism with a tour to its eco sights; see its natural beauty... more

Songkran Splash
Join in the world’s biggest water fight as Thailand gets drenched for four days in April. There’s no doubt about it, you will get wet... more

Underwater weddings
Take the plunge - underwater that is - and get married with a dive suit on at the annual Trang underwater wedding fest... more

Krabi beach guide
Wondering which beach to stay at in Krabi? Railay, Ao Nang, Noppharat Thara, Phi Phi or Koh Lanta; here’s our quick introduction to each... more

Learn to dive
Krabi and the waters of the Andaman are an ideal place to take your PADI certificate; it’s beautiful, cheap, professional and comfortable... more

Budgeting for Krabi
Want to know how much it’s all going to cost? Here’s a handy insight into planning a holiday budget for visiting Krabi... more

The King and Thai
You can’t miss it; December 5th marks the birthday of Thailand’s much loved King. See just why he so popular among his subjects... more

Cultural Dos and Don’ts
Important things visitors need to know about Thai etiquette. Find out how to mingle politely with the locals... more

Exquisite Phang Nga Bay
An hour’s boat ride from Krabi is a massive bay of jaw-dropping karst seascapes you really must see... more

Climbing the walls
Krabi is a magnet for climbers the world over, and certainly boasts some of the best views from the rock face... more

Krabi’s top dive spots
The Andaman coast boasts some world class diving and Krabi is a great base to get the best reefs, from offshore snorkelling to Phi Phi trips... more

Railay cave legend
This famous beach’s Tham Phra Nang is the cave haunt of a legendary sea goddess, adding mystery to Krabi’s #1 beauty spot... more

The 10 best things about Krabi in Thailand 
Visiting Krabi? Here are 10 of the best sights and most enjoyable activities to do while here; our personal recommendations for the complete Krabi package... more

Post Tsunami: Phi Phi revisited two years on
Returning to Phi Phi two years after the Tsunami, we discovered little had been redeveloped, leaving the island in a surprisingly pristine condition. Out of the tragedy came some positives...more

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