Bar hopping in Ao Nang

O'Malley's is a expat and tourist favourite

O'Malley's is a expat and tourist favourite

Blessed with a picturesque stretch of powdery golden sand, Ao Nang is Krabi’s most popular beach destination. While people travel here from all over the world to soak up the sun and take part in a wide range of different types of water sports during the day, when the sun sets over Ao Nang the party people come out to play.

Ao Nang is famous for its rich and varied nightlife scene, which is sure to appeal to people from all walks of life. While most bars start heating up around 20:00 and close at either 01:00 or 02:00, those who are looking for late night drinking will be able to find a good number of after hour places in which to sit and drink a beer or two. Here is an overview of the different types of bars in Ao Nang and where to find them.

Western bars and pubs

Visitors who are craving a slightly familiar atmosphere and a warm welcome will feel right at home in Ao Nang’s Western-style bars which offer a taste of home and traditional comforts.

A large selection of European beers and spirits can be found in most Western-style bars and pubs, and German and Belgian beers are particularly popular, while those who are partial to Irish exports such as Guinness will also be able to enjoy a pint or two in these establishments.

Many of these bars also serve good Western bar snacks and meals, while live music can often be heard in the evenings. Among the area’s most popular Western-style bars and pubs are O’Malley’s Irish Pub, JJ’s Sports Cafe and the Irish Rover Bar and Grill. More on Krabi pubs.

Go go bars

Also known as beer bars, go go bars are easily recognisable by their hordes of scantily dressed hostesses. Most of the go go bars in Ao Nang are much more low key than there counterparts in places such as Bangkok and Pattaya, and rather than offering sexy stage shows, these bars tend to be places to simply hang out while enjoying the company of the lovely ladies that work there.

Long Bar is a classy go go bar in Ao Nang

Long Bar is a classy go go bar in Ao Nang

Most go go bars play loud music and come complete with a pool table and other forms of entertainment. Customers who sit in one of these go go bars will probably be joined by one of the hostesses, who will either challenge them to play pool or other games such as Connect Four, which is a pleasant way to pass the time. Some of Ao Nang’s most popular go go bars include Rocky Bar, which also hosts live music and Long Bar, which features happy hours all night.

Beach Road

The majority of Ao Nang’s bars as well as other entertainment options can be found along the long wide road that lines the beach, which is also home to many of the large resorts, restaurants and tourist shops.

One of the largest and most popular bars here is Planet Ao Nang, while the Nutt Tattoo Studio is an interesting place to hang out in the evening, as it is a combination of a trendy bar and cafe and a tattoo studio.

The most vibrant bars can be found at the northern end of Beach Road, while the small soi that leads off of this road features some chilled out venues that are ideal places to shoot some pool. Those who enjoy playing pool while they sink a few drinks and watch live sports on the television should check out bars such as Funky Fish and Encore Cafe.

Airport Road

Situated at the east end of the beach, Airport Road boasts an excellent selection of nightlife venues. Many of these bars offer stunning views of the beach in a relaxed setting, and among the most popular bars that can be found either along or close to Airport Road are Relax Bar, Moo 2 House and Chilli Bar. More on Krabi nightlife.

Disappointment Street

Consisting of 10 different go go bars, Disappointment Street is Ao Nong’s main red light zone. Each of the small, neon clad bars that can be found along Disappointment Street pump out loud music long into the night, while girls in tight skimpy outfits hang around just outside in the hope of tempting passersby.

Bucket bars

Visitors who are looking for a cheap place to drink while indulging in a spot of people watching can perch at one of the bucket bars that line popular drinking streets. Serving shots of cheap spirits as well as bottles of Thai beer, these are good places to meet new people and swap travelling tips and tall tales. 

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