Guide to visiting spectacular Emerald Pool in Krabi

Emerald Pool is a breathtaking Krabi daytrip

Emerald Pool is a breathtaking Krabi daytrip

Anyone in Krabi who perhaps has caught too much sun, or just wants to escape the beach for an afternoon, can take a lovely daytrip to the stunning Emerald (Crystal) Pool.

Known as Sra Morakot in Thai, Emerald Pool is formed by natural spring water and is situated only 40kms from the center of Krabi Town. Those renting motorcycle should head southeast towards Khlong Thom and follow the main road. Ignore any ‘shortcut’ signs as these appear to be a cunning ruse simply to snare unsuspecting tourists!

There is a national park entry fee of 200 baht for foreigners, or 20 baht for Thai nationals, for those visiting Emerald Pool. Those living in Thailand long-term and have documentation, such as Thai drivers license or work permit, can sometimes get away with paying the local price. After stopping past the entrance gate it is a nice walk from the carpark through the woods to the lagoon. There’s a wooden boardwalk over the marshier parts and it is a cool and pleasant saunter for less than one kilometre.

Emerald Pool is simply divine with clear green water and rocky surrounds. The place fills up with Thai children at the weekend so try to go during normal work hours, although you have to be extremely lucky to find it quiet. Early morning is the best time to visit Emerald Pool and when the water is most vibrant, although even at this time you will be extremely lucky to find it with less than 10 people!

As the area is forested, different parts remain shady for most of the day and the colour of the water changes slightly depending on how the light hits the surface. The water turns a shade of blue-green when it increases in temperature, and then it becomes pale green when the contents cools down again.

Brief glimpse at Emerald Pool in Krabi

Emerald Pool’s clear water is just over a metre deep and feels thick on your skin due to its high mineral content – mainly calcium carbonate – which also makes it unsuitable for drinking. Visitors should also be careful when walking around the edge as any part of the rock which lies beneath the surface can feel extremely slippery. More on safety.

A great idea is to combine a dip at Emerald Pool with a trip to Krabi’s famous Tiger Cave Temple. The cool, clear water is the perfect way to relax after sweating to the top of the hill. There is also the natural hot spring nearby as well. 

Renting a motorbike to reach Emerald Pool is cheap and easy in Krabi, costing from around 200 baht per day, but remember to always wear a crash helmet and take care on the road. Krabi has lots of winding narrow tracks which may seem picturesque but can be extremely hazardous for those that lose concentration, and Thai driving standards also leave a lot to be desired.

Otherwise there are plenty of tour operators around Ao Nang which can help book minibus tours of Emerald Pool which typically also take in Tiger Cave Temple and the hotsprings. Enquire at your hotel or hostel reception for more information. More on Krabi daytrips.

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