A guide to a typical holiday budget in Krabi

There are many day trips and activities to budget for

There are many day trips and activities to budget for

By Dave Rudd

Krabi is one of the cheaper seaside destinations in Thailand, and your budget requirements here will depend on your tastes and the time of year you visit. Backpackers could get by on as little as 300 baht a day, while the average European or US holidaymaker tends to spend around 2,000 baht per day (about US$65).

Most visitors to Krabi spend their money on accommodation, eating and entertainment, as with anywhere, yet you will find the hotels and attractions a lot cheaper here than those in Europe. The following is a breakdown of general costs in Krabi.

The beaches are free to use, yet to really enjoy your holiday a sun lounger is a must. A slew of restaurants and all manner of water sports are at your disposal, so you’ll want to budget for dining and activities. Figure on 200 baht a day for the sun lounger, about 800 baht for 30 minutes on a jet-ski, 60 baht for a beer, 20 baht for a can of coke, and 20 baht for some fruit and ice-cream. Anything up to 1,000 baht will easily cover a day on the beach.

Krabi is a world-class rock climbing destination with hundreds of mapped climbs on the limestone cliffs of Rai Leh Beach. Numerous schools offer courses for beginners up to advanced level. Courses and equipment rental are a lot cheaper here than climbing destinations of this caliber elsewhere else.

Diving is also extremely popular in this region, with the reefs of Koh Phi Phi well within reach of Krabi. Dive centres in Ao Nang offer PADI courses and dive trips to reefs and wrecks throughout the season. Standards are good, guides speak English and prices are cheap. The OW1 PADI course is around 6,000 baht (US$200) and a daytrip with a couple of dives works out at about half that. Activities in Krabi.

Thailand is renowned for its spas and massage, and you could enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach for 200 baht, or try one of the many parlours along the beach front or in town. In addition, many of the larger hotels have spas, but these generally charge a lot more for their services.

Good food can be enjoyed on all budgets

Good food can be enjoyed on all budgets

Krabi Town has the cheapest shopping and is loaded with small shops of every description. Handicrafts, silk scarves, sarongs, silver jewellery, and leather items are all popular sellers. If you’re after some fake designer gear, Ao Nang is the place, but bargain hard. Aim for around 30 to 50-per cent off the asking price, and barter with a smile.

You could spend anywhere from 20 baht for a typical rice dish at a hawker stall to around 1,000 baht a head for a full blown seafood extravaganza at a beachside restaurant. However, spending 1,000 baht per person in most restaurants in Krabi is considered extravagant. Figure on about 500 baht a head for a decent meal with drinks at a good restaurant. Drinks run at about 60 or 70 baht for a bottle of beer and around 100 baht or more for a gin and tonic in the bars.

Most hotels in Krabi are concentrated in Ao Nang, with the cheapest off-season prices at around 200 baht, up to around 5,000 for a deluxe/suite in one of the best resorts. A four-star place near the beach in the high season would be around 2,000 baht per night. Booking hotels online is your best bet for picking up a bargain. See prices and booking of hotels.

For transport, the most useful option for tourists is the songthaew, an open-air bus or pick-up with two benches in the back. Fares are typically 30 baht from Krabi Town to Ao Nang. Taxis and tuk-tuks are also ubiquitous, but you’ll need to bargain hard to get a good price.

Many tourists hire scooters for getting about and these are about 150 to 200 baht a day, while cars are 1,000 baht upwards. Fuel is about half the price of Western countries.

Long-tail ferries run between Ao Nang and Rai Leh costing about 60 baht per head (more after 19:00) and can carry around 10 people. You can charter one for about 1,200 baht a day to take you around the various beaches, or go the whole hog and charter a speedboat for 15,000 baht.

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