Krabi top 10 activities

Krabi is famous for rock climbing

Krabi is famous for rock climbing

Krabi is the perfect environment for those who prefer a bit more than simply lazing on a beach. While relaxing on the sand here is lots of fun in itself, the options for getting physical in Krabi are very good. Krabi's top 10 activities include world class rock climbing and scuba diving, jungle trekking and beach walking, and Thai massage and Thai cooking.

Krabi rock climbing

Rock climbing is the number one activity in Krabi, with numerous well-established limestone climbs that cater to beginners and advanced climbers. The area around Railay Beach is entirely composed of typical Krabi limestone cliffs and karsts to offer the best climbing in the region and Thailand. Several hundred routes have been bolted and range from 5A to extreme 8C and there are loads of schools in the area to get you set up. More on climbing

Scuba diving and snorkelling

Diving is one of Krabi's main top 10 activities. The waters here are generally clear and calm and warm year round, although the best dive sites are around nearby Phi Phi.

You can expect fantastic reef diving in Phi Phi and many operators run tours from the Krabi region out to these beautiful islands. Dive companies in Ao Nang, Krabi also do OpenWater 1 PADI courses. Those who are into snorkelling will find some good spots off Railay Beach. More on diving in Krabi.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking is the ideal way to get away from the crowds and explore the fabulous Krabi coastline. There are many kayak tour operators at the beaches and in Krabi town who can take you out for an all-day jaunt around the coast. Single and double kayaks can be rented, the latter being ideal if you have young kids. As well as the delectable coastline are numerous lagoons and caves to explore. The karst seascape of Phang Nga Bay, to the north of Phuket, has the best sea kayaking in Thailand. More on Krabi kayaking.

Krabi fishing

Kayaking is fun amid karst scenery and caves

Kayaking is fun amid karst scenery and caves

The fishing in Krabi is superb and is another of the top 10 activities in Krabi. The waters here are clear and warm and stocked with all manner of fish species - so much so that many operators will even guarantee you a catch. Half-day and full-day fishing tours can be had but it’s generally best to go with the day tours to seek out to the best spots. You can also charter your own boat and have a local restaurant grill your barracuda when you return.

Trekking and walking

Krabi’s landscape is ideal for trekking and walking. It is really rugged away from the beaches and several national parks have been set up to protect the land. You can, of course, explore these parks or simply wander around the stunning coastal areas. Huay Toh National Park has popular established hiking trails through forested areas, while Tharnbok Khoranee National Park and Khao Phra-Bang Khram nature reserve also have some pretty great walking, as does Tha Pom mangrove river.

Krabi golf

Golfing enthusiasts have a few golfing options although big golf courses tend to be a bit thin on the ground due to the erratic layout of the land in Krabi province. The Pakasai Country Club is a fair way from the beaches and is the only real golfing option in Krabi. It can be found in Neua Klong district and you can arrange a round through most local travel agencies. In addition, there is a driving range in Krabi Town. Phuket is your best option for top class golfing in the region.

Krabi Thai massage

Thai massage is a Krabi top 10 activity and there are many certified massage centres set up in the main beach resorts. Thai massage can be a bit rough, combining as it does Ayurvedic methods with Chinese acupressure points and some yoga thrown in for good measure. It takes care of the entire body, including the head and feet, and it is therefore advised you go with a properly trained masseuse so as to avoid injury. If you are unsure, certified places should have a certificate from the Wat Po Institute, Bangkok. If you have neck or back issues, stay away from the cheap beach massages.

Krabi's spas

There’s nothing like laying back and being pampered amid the lush surroundings of a well laid out Krabi spa near the beach and jungle. Although the top spas in Ao Nang and Railay are pretty expensive, it pays to go with one of the established ones to be sure of getting decent treatment by trained staff. You can have anything from massage and body scrubs to a full facial and herbal steam bath. Anything from a two-hour deal to a full-day package can be had.

Krabi Thai cooking

Thai cooking gets a mention in Krabi's top 10 activities list as a surprising number of tourists deviate from the beach scene to learn about cooking the Thai way. There are many hands-on cookery courses that are mainly based in Ao Nang and they can give you good advice on ingredients to use when cooking Thai cuisine elsewhere in the world.

Krabi tours

There are loads of tour companies in Krabi that will take you on a day tour of the region, including out to the beaches and islands. A trip out to the Phi Phi Island group is one of the most popular tours, while Koh Lanta can also be visited. Farther afield is the gorgeous region of Phang Nga Bay, just north of Phuket.

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