Childrens activities in Krabi

Krabi's shallow waters are kid-friendly

Krabi's shallow waters are kid-friendly

Southern Thailand’s beautiful province of Krabi is a paradise for active children who enjoy swimming at beautiful beaches, coming face to face with fascinating wildlife in nature reserves, exploring mysterious caves, and wading among the colourful fish in Krabi’s pristine and shallow waters.

Although most Krabi resorts provide special activities for children, younger visitors will find it almost impossible to be bored with the adventures awaiting them outside the door. Krabi, as well as the rest of Thailand, is a safe, modern, and friendly destination attracting families from around the world. Transportation and accommodation are first rate, and necessities for babies such as diapers and formula are available almost everywhere. In fact, many shops in Krabi Town, the provincial capital, specialise in baby and children’s products.

Joining a cruise or renting a chartered boat to tour the area’s beautiful islands is an ideal way to begin a Krabi family holiday. Lunch is usually included in cruise tour packages, but bringing your own food and water on chartered boats is highly recommended as most islands do not have restaurants. Bringing life jackets for younger children is also recommended since many boats only have adult sized jackets onboard.

Some cruise packages also include snorkelling since Krabi’s renowned snorkelling sites and colourful coral reefs are only accessible by boat. Snorkelling is not a recommended activity for children under five, and parents should be aware of older children’s swimming ability before allowing them to attempt snorkeling alone. Scuba diving is another popular activity which should only be attempted by older children who are excellent swimmers. Day trips form Krabi.

Of course, children of all ages will look forward to swimming and sunbathing on Krabi’s spectacular beaches. Ao Nang has become Krabi’s biggest and most popular beach, and is also an ideal family destination because it has a variety of children’s activities and is located far from the adult nightlife scene.

The quiet island of Koh Ngai, surrounded by a coral reef in southern Krabi province and part of a national park, has also become popular with families of young children. The tiny island of Koh Pak Bia features a sand bank with two interconnecting beaches and shallow water ideal for small children.

Plenty of activities for the family in Krabi

Plenty of activities for the family in Krabi

Most Thai people are very friendly and dote on small children. They may pay especially close attention to blue-eyed and blond youngsters, which they rarely encounter on a regular basis. Language is no barrier, and local children often befriend their visiting counterparts and end up playing happily together on the beach. Even the fish are friendly enough to swim with children. Don’t worry; these fish won’t bite!

Older children may also enjoy scaling the limestone rock formations which have made Krabi an ideal rock climbing destination. The Railay Beach area offers not only Krabi’s best rock climbing, but is one of the world’s most renowned climbing sites. Beginners should only climb alongside another experienced person or group, and receive proper safety tips from a professional climbing guide. Parents must make sure their children are always safe, and conquering the toughest and steepest routes is less important than having fun.

Children will also enjoy exploring the depths of Krabi’s numerous and mysterious caves, many of which are buried under the sea. These sea caves, known as hongs, are most visible while travelling by sea kayak at low tide. A sea kayaking tour complete with lunch and drinks is the best way for families to visit several of these unique caves, some of which lead to lagoons or forests with unforgettable views.

Another unique attraction best seen at low tide is the shell fossil ceremony at Ban Laem Pho. This former freshwater swamp was once home to millions of mollusks and snails before sea water swept the shelled creatures away. The creatures became fossilised shells more than 40cm thick.

Mountain biking is another fun way for families to see Krabi’s sights. Although Krabi’s roads are wide, its routes are well marked, and its terrain is mainly flat. The best way to explore the province by bike is by contacting a cycling company familiar with the area and who will supply an ideal itinerary.

After a long day of adventure, the scenic hiking trails, fascinating wildlife, and soothing hot springs in Krabi’s nature reserves are wonderful ways to discover. No trip to Krabi would be complete without an elephant ride through the jungle. One or two hours on top of one of these animals at Nosey Parkers elephant camp is a highlight of any kid’s holiday.

Travelling to a foreign country with young children can be stressful, but with careful planning and plenty of things to do, the experience can be unforgettable for children and parents alike. Daycare and babysitters can be easily arranged through Krabi resorts when parents want some time for themselves.

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