Koh Phi Phi nightlife and bars guide

Breakers Bar is a popular tourist hangout

Breakers Bar is a popular tourist hangout

The picturesque island known as Koh Phi Phi can be found in Krabi Province in Southern Thailand. While most people come here to soak up the sun on the sand and explore the setting of The Beach during the day, when the sun sets the party people come out to play. Koh Phi Phi boasts a wide range of nightlife opportunities, which are sure to appeal to people from all walks of life.

Most people choose to stay in the tourist village of Ton Sai, which can be found in the very heart of Koh Phi Phi. This is where the biggest bars and restaurants can be found, and there are also plenty of other evening entertainment options to be found in this part of the island. People who like to party hard will be in their element as they check out all that Ton Sai has to offer.

Those who are looking for a more chilled out atmosphere can choose to sit and sip a cocktail or two at one of the beach bars that can be found on Loh Dalum Bay or Long Beach. While these are great places to chill out, there is still plenty of atmosphere, and sitting on the sand while gazing at the stars and listening to the breeze rustle through the palm trees is an unforgettable experience. More on Koh Phi Phi.

Most people start their evening with dinner in one of Koh Phi Phi’s excellent restaurants, and there are plenty of fantastic eateries to choose from. Those who like to dine early can secure a seat in one of the establishments that can be found on Long Beach and tuck into their choice of freshly-caught seafood, Thai cuisine or Western fare while watching the sun slowly sink behind the horizon.

A large number of colourful bars can also be found along all of Koh Phi Phi’s pristine sandy beaches, and these are excellent places to unwind in style at the end of the day. Visitors can take the time to find a beach bar that precisely meets their tastes, as there are plenty to choose from. While some provide a chilled out atmosphere, playing reggae music long into the night, others offer live music in the form of a local band or pumping tunes spun on the decks by a DJ.

As the evening wears on, the party people come out to play. Koh Phi Phi is famed for its fire shows, where talented local boys twist and turn on the sand while twirling batons lit at each end or flaming polls into impressive shapes that are sure to wow even the most jaded crowd. These fire shows tend to last for around half an hour, and are held on various parts of the island throughout the evening.

Long Beach offers more chilled Phi Phi nightlife

Long Beach offers more chilled Phi Phi nightlife

Another type of uniquely Thai entertainment that always manages to draw crowds is Muay Thai. In this special type of Thai boxing, two boxers battle to score points and ultimately knock out their opponent. The fight consists of five rounds of three minutes each, and most Muay Thai fights feature several different matches in an event that lasts for two or three hours.

In these traditional Muay Thai matches, a great deal of importance is placed on respect, and the event starts with a special wai kru dance, which is performed by each Muay Thai boxer in order to honour their teacher.

There are several places to watch Muay Thai on Koh Phi Phi, and tickets are very reasonably priced. One of the best places to take in the event is at Reggae Bar on Friday nights, where the atmosphere is pumping. All of the Muay Thai performers here are professionally trained, and those who want to secure good seats should turn up early, as the matches that are held here are extremely popular.

Visitors who are looking for a familiar home-style atmosphere will find a number of fairly authentic Western pubs on Koh Phi Phi, where freshly brewed beer is served on tap and sports matches are often shown on large screens. Jordan’s Irish Pub features the familiar shamrock theme that can be found in most Irish-style bars and pubs outside of the Emerald Isle, while the Sports Bar is a good place to play pool and watch the big match of the day while dining on traditional pub grub. More on Krabi bars.

Those who just want to dance the night away will find plenty of places to shake a tailfeather on Koh Phi Phi, especially during the height of the tourist season when the atmosphere is jumping. Special beach parties are held throughout the year around the full moon and half moon and often go on until the break of dawn, while even on week nights there are plenty of places to let your hair down.

One of the best things about partying on Koh Phi Phi is that most of the island’s entertainment venues are located within easy walking – or stumbling – distance from each other. Koh Phi Phi truly has something to offer everyone, and it is easy to see why many people find it hard to leave this tropical island paradise. 

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