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Imagine crystalline water and towers of karst rock jutting out of a picture-perfect bay and you have typical photos of Krabi. Don’t forget your camera when you visit because there are so many fantastic scenes you’ll need an extra memory stick for all the photos you’re going to take in Krabi! From the towering cliffs of Railay to the white sands of Hong Island and the unforgettable butterfly shape of Phi Phi, there are plenty of scenes to aim your lens at.

Suggested hotels near Krabi International Airport

The Andaman coast is one of the most stunning in the world and the photos below will whet your appetite of it's magic. Just select one of the pictures below and enjoy the slideshow:

Notes on taking photos in Krabi

There are plenty of photo shops in Ao Nang and Krabi Town, where you can stock-up on new film or upload your digital photos onto CD for about 100 baht. Developing is also cheap in Thailand, but the quality is sometimes disappointing.

Thailand is a photographer’s delight. Thais love taking photos and their beloved King is a keen photographer. Often, students and Thai tourists may ask you, the foreigner, to pose with them in their photos - please oblige.

It’s polite to ask before you take a photo by simply saying ‘Thai ruup dai mai krup (male), ka (female)’. Always be mindful of respectful objects, such as Buddhas and temple grounds. They may be photographed freely, but don’t go trampling over sacred objects. You can take photos in Krabi at will, the locals seldom mind.

Since the coast is west-facing, good sunset photos of Krabi are possible from Railay Beach, with the karsts in the background. Early-risers get the best photos - the Krabi coast has deep blue skies in the morning but can get hazy later. Remember to keep your camera well covered while in longtail boats, as they can easily get wet when you’re out on the water.

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