Renting a motorbike in Krabi

A scooter, or moped, is an essential item for getting the most out of your time in Krabi. They’re perfect for getting around and many visitors rent them while here. In fact, the Honda Dreams and Waves are a quintessential icon of Thailand and you’ll notice them all over.

Krabi is quite spread out and there’s plenty to see, so renting a bike is a good way to make the most of the place. They are easy to ride and traffic moves at a relaxed pace, away from Krabi Town that is. Even if you’ve never ridden one, it’s not difficult to get used to these semi-automatic bikes, or fully automatic scooters.

Most tourists opt to rent a 100 or 125cc scooter. The Honda Dream (now Wave) is a classic. If there are two of you on one bike we suggest a 125cc. These bikes are low, easy to mount, have no clutch and are prefect for nipping through the urban traffic, although they do reach speeds of about 110kph (about 70mph). One day’s rental charge can be anything from 150 baht to 300 baht, depending on the place you hire, quality of bike and the season. Lately, a new generation of automatic Yamaha Mios and Honda Clicks have also become popular and are even easier to ride.

Bigger bikes are available at some of the places, both trail bikes and road bikes, and the rental is from 500 baht a day. If you rent the bike for a week or month the price gets better (per day).

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You’ll generally need to leave your passport with the rental shop as surety for your return. Some places will do a cash deposit, however, if you want to keep your passport with you. They aren’t usually strict about bringing the bike back on time, but will charge extra. We strongly recommend you wear your helmet at all times, despite what you might observe among other tourists or locals. There are plenty of dangerous stretches in Krabi Province and lots of people do get hurt, and occasionally killed, each year in motor accidents.

Bikes are rented anywhere there are tourists in significant numbers, apart from Railay and Tonsai of course. Ao Nang is your best bet, where there are rental shops, plus tour agents, hotels and guesthouses will often rent them. Alternatively, your hotel concierge can help arrange one for you. Most are in safe and good working condition but check before you accept them and have the owner note down any existing damage. Also be sure to purchase extra insurance if they offer it.