Andaman police rescue stranded tour boat

31 Oct 2011

On Friday, marine police were called to rescue tourists stuck on a stranded speedboat close to Dokmai Island. The Kamika had been on a sightseeing and activity trip to the Phi Phi islands near Krabi and was returning to Phuket.  

Although the boat is not very big, there were allegedly 66 tourists on board who were a mix of Thai, Indian, Australian and Spanish nationals. There were also four crew members of boat operator Phi Phi Island Marine on the vessel.

The Kamika had left Phi Phi at 16:00 and had travelled around 10kms before its engines cut out. People on board said afterwards that the crew did not call for help, even though waves were quite high, and it was left to passengers with mobile phones to contact the authorities.

Marine Police officers said they were informed there was a problem at 19:00 and set sail immediately in a patrol boat for Dokmai Island. When they arrived at the scene they found strong winds and high waves that made it impossible to lift the tourists off the boat.

The patrol boat then towed the Kamika to less turbulent seas near Tapao Yai Island. Half the passengers were taken onto the police vessel, while the others remained on the stricken vessel.  

The tow then continued onwards to Phuket’s Rassada Pier, where all the passengers disembarked safely at around 23:30. The Kamika took on water through her stern which eventually caused her to sink later that night.

Police said the engine breakdown was caused by a fractured fuel hose, while some passengers alleged later that the Kamika had simply run out of fuel.  

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