Oz insurance scammers deported

7 Nov 2011

A couple from Australia have been deported after making a false theft report to police. Zeidan Nouha, 30 and 31-year-old Abdul Karim El Rajab told police they were robbed close to Phuket’s Soi Bangla by a thief on a motorcycle who grabbed Nouha’s shoulder bag as she was sitting on another motorcycle.

At 23:30 last Sunday, the duo told Patong police they had lost a pink bag that contained a Canon digital camera, two iPhones, wallets, driving licences and credit cards. They said their assailant had a crash helmet on and was wearing a yellow shirt.  

On Monday, police went with the pair to the scene of the supposed robbery and asked people if they could remember any details about the bag-snatch. When even shop owners could not recall the incident, police then went with Nouha and El Rajab to their room at Patong’s Sunset Beach Resort.  

Police searched the room, while hotel management and the alleged victims looked on. The search turned up all the items that the two had reported as stolen.

Officers then escorted the hapless duo to Patong police station where they confessed to concocting the robbery claim in order to get a police report and then make a fraudulent insurance claim. The pair were charged with giving false information and at a subsequent court hearing were fined 600 Baht apiece and ordered to be deported.

After the court hearing, a police spokesman said that although Nouha and El Rajab had been deported, they were not on any Immigration Department blacklist and could come back to Thailand whenever they chose.

Police superintendent Arayapan Pukbuakao told media representatives they would not normally bother charging people with making false robbery claims, but there had been a spate recently in Phuket and the Andaman Sea area which had cast the region in a bad light. 

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