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Tsunami evacuation practice

Tsunami emergency drills will take place in southern Thailand next month.

The practice for an emergency evacuation in the event of another tsunami will take place on September 13. Provinces that will take part are on the country’s Andaman Sea Coast.

The exercise will take place in Phang Nga, Krabi, Phuket, Ranong, Satun and Trang. There were plans to do a part of the rehearsal at night, but reporters at Phuketwan reported that this part of the event was cancelled.

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Good Samaritan not what he seems

A Norwegian lost his ATM card after being helped out by an unknown man.

Kjell Olar Farseth, a 52-year-old man from Norway, had been  trying to get cash from an ATM in Kata, on August 9.

The machine would not give him any money. Mr Farseth told police that a man offered to help. After more attempts to withdraw money, the man told Mr Farseth the machine had retained his card.

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Suspected drug dealers caught at police checkpoint

Two Thai nationals were detained with 8,000 methamphetamine pills in Thailand this week.

Police at Tah Chat Chai, on Phuket, pulled over a Toyota Vios last Monday. Police allege the driver of the vehicle, 35-year-old Wesarat Ninjamrat, appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

The Phuket Gazette reported that Mr Wesarat was wearing a shirt with New York City Police SWAT squad insignia. The pills were hidden in parcels in the car. Initially, Mr Wesarat said he did not want to undo the packages as they were a gift for his boss.

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Tsunami alert buoy drifting on high seas

Thailand’s only tsunami early warning device was retrieved on Saturday after being adrift and unable to provide alerts for six weeks.

Indian officials told their Thai counterparts on June 3 that Station 23401 had slipped its moorings and was floating slowly towards Thailand.

After the buoy went missing, Thai and Indian naval vessels searched for it. They found it on June 29, but were unable to retrieve it. Thailand’s National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC) monitored the station’s movements until Saturday’s rescue mission.

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Helmet crackdown to be extended across southern Thailand

Following the success of Phuket’s scheme to encourage motorcyclists to wear crash helmets, the measure may be extended across other southern Thai provinces.

The campaign began with a parade starting at Phuket Police Station on July 1. The parade featured a 2,000 strong motorcade of motorcycles with helmet-clad riders and passengers.

The crackdown was aimed at foreign tourists, expats and locals, and included both the rider of the motorbike and the passenger. Wanchai Ekpornpit, the Phuket City Police Superintendent, said at the time that Phuket had one of the worst road accident records of the 76 Thai provinces.

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Stolen ATM card finances spending spree in southern Thailand

Police in Nakorn Sri Tammarat, last Wednesday, arrested a Thai couple after a crime of opportunity left them with a stolen ATM card and the PIN number for it.

On Saturday June 26, Mr Decland Rowland, 41, an Irish national, parked his pick up truck at Phuket’s Karon Beach. He then went for a swim with his Thai girlfriend, but forgot to lock his vehicle.

Mr Pichai Boonrit,26 , and 24-year old Patcharin Rattapansoontra, were passing by and saw the pick up was not locked. They grabbed Mr Rowland’s ATM card, gold rings, 7,000 Baht cash and personal papers.

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Lifeguards to use jet-skis

Jet-skis may be used by Thai life guards after demonstrations were held this week. A team of Thai and Australian instructors demonstrated that jet-skis can be instrumental in saving lives at Karon Beach, Phuket.

At the demonstration, the team, led by Australian David Field, held a mock surf rescue operation. The event showed that lifeguards on jet-skis can reach swimmers in difficulties, much more quickly than they can on paddle boards.

Mr Field, with the Australian Surf Life Saving Association, told the Phuket Gazette that jet-skis carrying a sled board are a useful tool for rescuing people quickly.

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Thailand drowning leads to calls for warnings

The tragic death of British national has led to demands for better campaigns to alert visitors to the dangers of swimming in the sea during the rainy season in Thailand.

In spite of warning signs, Rebecca Callaghan, 21,  followed her boyfriend into the sea at Karon Beach, Phuket, on June 12. Her boyfriend was using a hired body board but Rebecca had no flotation aid.

Although the victim did not go into the deep water, she was hit by waves and pulled under by riptides common at this time of year.

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Krabi safe for tourists, governments told

KEY players in Krabi’s hospitality industry want to assure visitors that the Andaman coast is a safe destination in order to kick start the region’s ailing tourism industry

The message conflicts with alerts from the vast majority of national governments who have warned their citizens against travelling to Thailand. Only Taiwan currently lists Krabi as a safe destination for tourists to visits.

Similarly the Pattaya hotel market is facing another awful year with occupancy of luxury establishments falling to below 50 per cent. Continue reading →

Avoid all travel to capital, tourists urged

CHAOS reigns in Bangkok as clashes between red shirt protestors and government troops continued through the weekend leaving 34 dead and 211 injured.

Plans to enforce a curfew have been postponed although all government offices and schools remain shut as tourists and the general populace were warned not to venture onto the streets.

Clashes spread to Chiang Mai and Ubon Ratchathani yesterday, which are both United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) strongholds within Thailand. Continue reading →

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